The moment pandemic hit, I could not take my eyes off the news.
The number of deaths, the restrictions, the sheer helplessness of it all…
Glued to my phone, I kept switching from one source to another, like some guilt edged secret:
Because inside, you know that the negative influence is doing you damage.
But do you stop there, at the precise point that you know you cannot change or control the situation?
And it’s hard because when I get my toxic news hit, I feel the terror rising inside me.
My head feels empty and why is it so hard to breathe…
Stop! Now is the time to break the chain and do something, anything, to clear my head.
So I am off to the reservoir, and I run through the bush, the wind lashing, spurring me on…
Over the rocks, puddles, tree limbs, towards freedom.
I can’t live like this, in trance of this negative influence…
For many of us, this negative, toxic influence can come from many sources that we often can’t close off – friends, family, work.
Some we come into through habit and way of life – social media, news, our culture.
It makes life harder, no doubt, but we can take back control!
First, by recognising what sets you off:
Look at your feelings, thoughts – what makes you upset and why? Are there any clear patterns that you can notice?
This is no easy task and it’s easy to glance over as obvious or unable to change, but it is vital…
When you can recognise your emotions, when you know what it is that is setting you off, you put yourself on the track to doing something about it in a meaningful way.
Second, you need an approach, a way of looking at it that will help you take charge of what you allow into your life that is sustainable over the long term.
This is what I’m covering in this week’s episode of The Happy YOU:

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