Do you remember the first time that you made a friend?
You made memories together, and this friend, they made you feel right, like your true authentic yourself – recognised, not forgotten.
For me, it’s Andriy and Yurchik my best mates from school in Ukraine.
As founders of our very own Secret Mischief Society, we did fun, stupid, dangerous things, the way kids do when they are too young to know better.
And one day we found ourselves at the back door of a bread factory…
These were harsh times, when you standing in a queue for two hours to get sugar was a win, and the temptation was clear.
I will never forget the taste of the steaming hot bread we ripped in pieces and devoured right there, on the spot…
Stealing that bread was wrong, and we knew it, but there was a strange excitement that we felt in that moment.
These experiences that we share as friends,  they bring us together, they shape us, they make us FEEL a certain way.
It’s not always perfect so it’s all the more important to ensure they aren’t just a relic of the past, an old habit that isn’t serving you now, but it’s supporting you in your own growth today.
And this week on Happy YOU we dive into friendship and how to make it for you and your way of life:

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