What’s the first thing that disappears from our life in the face of uncertainty?
It’s our ability to make plans.
Because it’s hard to focus, to predict how things might turn out, and have confidence about moving your life forward…
This is why it is absolutely vital to counter this directly – to make bold decisions, to make greater plans, to live up to our best hopes and dreams…
Because when you have something to look forward to, life is going to feel different, starting today.
Now that most definitely isn’t easy, but:
What is vital is to start making plans, immediately.
Without that, it’s very hard to move forward, keep focus and stay positive.
And it does not have to be grand plans – you start where you are.
Make plans for tomorrow.
Make plans for the weekend – something realistic, manageable that will make you feel good.
Make plans for the holidays, for next year, for the time you can envisage.
Imagine yourself putting those plans into action – how do you see yourself in that moment, what could you be doing then?
What it would feel like in the moment? Is there anyone there with you? How are you getting on?
Be unrealistic – you don’t need a guarantee that everything will turn out perfectly…
It never does!!
But when you hope for the best, when you look forward to the future you want today, more things will turn out for you because you will come at it with a completely different level of energy and creative expression!!
If you look towards the future and you’re not sure what the best steps are on your way towards, I can guide you through the four step process and figure it out.
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