When Olya and I started dating, I wasn’t sure what she’d think of my panic attacks.
This isn’t a part of anyone’s wish list – and so I kept it to myself only to realise it was hurting me.
This is what makes living with anxiety so exhausting – you are hard at work keeping up appearances, all of the time.
Trying to be normal when you feel so wound up you’re ready to explode…
What a drain!!
So one day I decided it’s pointless – you cannot win by hiding who you are, and if this is the woman I want to share my life with, then she’ll be ok with it.
And – she was! For which I’m grateful 🤪
But what I love most of all is the freedom it’s given me to be myself, to stop apologising for who I am, and stop wasting energy on make belief which isn’t helpful, not in the least…
So what might be the secret that’s holding you back?
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