If you find yourself lost and not sure what to do, it’s a tough place to be…
You jump from one thing to another to get answers, and it gets frustrating because it doesn’t add up and the answers won’t fit.
And I can tell you why:
For the entirety of our lives, we are told that the answer exists outside of you.
That’s right – it’s like you are broken, and someone needs to come fix it…
I am here to tell you there’s not one thing that is wrong with you, and you don’t need to “get over it”, or wait for things to get resolved on their own, or expect someone else to do it for you.
No – because you, my friend, have been through it before, you have found your own way through trouble, you have many times made yourself navigate through the uncharted waters to win!!
All the answers are already within you, and you have a process to make sense of life, whether you know it or not.
It may be hidden, obscured from view, and you may stumble through life in order to work things there, but…
This process lives on inside you – it’s just a matter of uncovering what it is that works for you, and putting into play for your life, today.
What’s more, when you have this process, and it’s dialled in to work for you to get clarity in key parts of your life, then not only do you have a repeatable process to make sense of life again, to work around problems, to feel more connected with people around you, to get creative solutions, to make a greater impact than ever before, but to also do it in the shortest amount of time possible.
How do you go about drawing out your clarity process?
I walk you through it in this week’s episode of The Happy YOU:

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