Every day I wake up and drive to this reserve out in the bush.
It’s peaceful, it’s nature, I love it there, but on the way, I see people go to the post office, walking their dogs, rushing to work, chat as they go to school…
The rush of life:
We’re all different, at diverging points of our lives, we come from different walks of life, and yet…
The struggles that we share are often the same.
You want to be heard, to be recognised, to find your own through life, to be understood, to get on top of worry and problems you run into each day…
It’s not easy – if it was, we’d all live happily ever after.
It takes courage, commitment to make sense of what is going on, to keep going, to find your path forward.
But it is easier when you know that you’re not alone.
It may not always feel this way, and so I want to remind you:
Know this – in the darkest times, you are not alone!
We are here, for you, with you, because just like you, we struggle, in some way, today or tomorrow, and without one trace of doubt…
We’re in this together!!
We will get through the tough times by being there for each other because that is the only way.
Especially if you are going through change and need strength to hold on – I am sharing five key ideas to help you do that on this week’s episode of The Happy YOU:

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