Clarity begins and ends with you, today!
I know I’m going to get slammed for this, but:
In every challenge you face, when the raft of life tips you over the side and you’re gasping for air, trying to stay afloat…
It’s no use to think of what’s fair and what isn’t, and it is of no help to make plans for the future, but to make sense of this moment, today.
To figure out what makes sense for you and your way of life because more clarity helps you put aside rumination and fee tense.
More clarity gives you the headspace you want to be more creative and spontaneous.
When you find a greater clarity in the this moment and time, you’re going to be more present, more engaged because your mind is not cluttered with worry.
With clarity, you make time for the things you love, with people that you care about the most. And you feel like you have more to give, don’t you? When you have that sense of having things under control, you have more room to make an impact and hep others.
But finding clarity can be hard – especially  when you’re going through a challenging time and you’re trying your best to keep up and keep going…
So if we don’t seek clarity, we feel stuck and end up waiting for the situation to resolve or  stumble upon insight by chance!
Trouble is, it can take a looong time, and when you do, then it’s already too late?
No, we must seek clarity NOW, to get answers, and do it fast because you already have all the answers inside of you, and it’s only a matter of drawing them out.
To help you do that, I want to take you through five ways to get clarity in your life today on this week’s episode of The Happy YOU:

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