You’re supposed to feel excited before the date, but the strongest feeling that I ever was the urge to run away.
Every time it was the same, especially when when I turned up at that speed dating night.
You walk in and see the lights, you look at people around you, and feel like a fraud.
They’re here for reason, they’re normal, and who am I?
What am I doing here – only to make a fool of myself, again…
Who am I, expecting something, anything, to go my way…
And what is it that I want, really?
To give love, and be loved in return:
I want it, and I want to give, so how that can ever be wrong?
Don’t we all deserve to be happy, to be loved, cherished and celebrated for who we are on the inside?
So what if there are always those parts of you that worry, and question, and doubt?
That’s ok, they are there for a reason – to remind you that you’re worth it, that your choices need to be deliberate, and that the only way to go is…
That is the only way.
And in that moment, at speed dating, I made the choice to stay, and show up at my best.
It didn’t work out then, but it was but one turn in the chain of events where each time I made a choice to keep going, and it brought me to love.
Feeling enough – it is crucial, in your work, with your loved ones, and in your hopes and your dreams, but…
It’s not always easy – so let me go there with you this week on The Happy YOU!
Our focus in this week’s episode is Living Proof You’re ENOUGH:

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