What often hits you the most isn’t the change itself, but the impact you notice when you go back to your daily life.
Because when it Is in the act of unfolding, you’re just doing your best to get through it, to survive…
For me, it was when I got my first all clear:
With relief, I went back to work, my family, the daily life.
I could not settle in, and deep on the inside, I knew that something was missing.
On the surface, nothing has changed – I kept doing the same things I’ve always done…
So why does it feel so wrong?!
I could not figure it out – until I saw myself from the outside:
Cancer turns your life inside out, it changes your body, how you think about the future, even the way you feel on the inside…
This change is dramatic, and doing the same things you have always done is never going to fit!
If your sense of self has gone through a transformation, then you want to change what you do, right?
Because when you do align what you do each day, it will support you in going through life’s inevitable struggles, and giving you the confidence and the support you need to fulfil your most sacred hopes and aspirations.
I get it, my friend – more change is the last thing you want because you have suffered and you pushed yourself far beyond…
But I want to share with you three ideas to help you feel more connected, reinvigorated, more alive!
These will serve to bring you in line with the person that you are today so you can lead a happier, more fulfilled life that you truly deserve!
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