Why are some people better at coping with struggles they face through life?
It’s true, isn’t…
Some people just seem to handle it better, to keep going even when it all seems so hopeless, but – how?!
What makes them special?
Is this some kind of luck or circumstance?
I don’t know about you, but when I look back at my own struggles, from losing my first job to the bout of depression to the time my cancer came back…
They all seem so different, and there is only one thing they have in common:
Despite all the troubles, and no good reasons to hold on to hope, I found a way through, and I am still here.
So are you, my friend – you kept going and survived despite the craziness that goes on around you, with no special gifts or powers or even luck.
In some way, it’s liberating that in the face of life’s struggles, we are all equal.
And even if each situation you face is unlike the other, you are the only constant – and everything else keeps changing and shifting like sand…
And if you can’t change the situation you find yourself in, there is only one thing to do:
Change the way that you look at it.
Find your way to make peace with it, not because it is easy or because you’re ok with it, but because you want to let go.
And even if it seems if there is no hope in sight, those struggles that you have survived have proven you this:
You are strong, you are resilient, you can figure things out, and keep going!!
And hold onto hope that no matter how crazy it gets, things can, and do, change.
For the better!
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