It’s what I saw in their faces – smiles, joy – that simply blew me away.
That day at the hospital it was crazy:
The waiting, the rush, the needle and we are on the emergency caesarean…
Seeing our son come into the world = MIRACLE.
You forget everything – but I couldn’t help notice the people working their magic:
The smiles, the joy, the absolute reassurance we got from the doctors who got us through was nothing short of AMAZING.
True, you could you say it’s their job, but…
It’s a beautiful thing to bring life into this world!
And so the same is true of ideas.
Like life, these do not materialise into the world alone.
Even the best ideas need guidance, support and a community in order to come to life.
And when you have the desire, that dream, to make things happen…
You – you become the catalyst.
To fuse together the parts into one whole.
It need not be epic, but it must be a CHANGE:
It’s a beautiful feeling to bring new things to life,
To bring people together, give them hope, help them thrive,
You will take the world better, but you can’t go alone,
And when we are united, we grow skillful and we are strong!
First, you must have desire and the will to make change,
Then, you bring home the vision so it doesn’t seem strange,
Now, you rally the people, and make them run the show,
So that they feel empowered to explore and to grow,
To be there for each other and to make change as one,
To make plans, to be hopeful, share the love and have fun,
As you carry the hope and you keep dreams alive,
You are making things happen – give yourself a high five!
The catalyst – for without you, there is no room for change
True change does not come from a place where something is lacking…
This change comes from a place of being ENOUGH.
Because no matter what you been through, you are enough to be loved, to have impact and respect you so richly deserve!
But it doesn’t come easy – so how do you find the courage to pull it off?
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