There is no getting away from it – finding courage is never easy. But find it we must! So we begin with this poem I wrote for you:
Now: a pivotal moment, time when you need to act,
To bring out the courage, to be calm and exact,
It’s the choice to move forward, or to leave with regret,
It is your path to greatness, but you must not forget:
It will never easy, but you still make a stand,
Stand for what you believe in, what you will and command,
So you live through your values, how you want things to be,
It’s your dream for the future, when you’re going to be free…
From doubt and stay true… To you!
And when you don’t find the courage you need, you end up with regret.
As I was telling you on this week’s episode of The Happy YOU, these three things will help you bring out courage from the inside and into your life at a time when you need it most:
By the way, if you are new to my world, The Happy YOU is my podcast in personal growth – in 15 minutes a week, we make a step forward towards leading a happier, more fulfilled life if you have lived through the struggle.
This week, we talk about COURAGE.
Because you don’t wake up in the morning wanting to be courageous:
No, it is the last resort – and we need to know that because it’s all too see to put this pressure on yourself to have it all figured out and ready for anything…
This is not how real life is!
Especially when you have seen your fair share of trouble…
So I want to ask you this:
Where in your life do you need to be courageous today?
Please take a moment to consider this because it matters – we all those situations that we must face and live through with courage.
If you know what this is for you, then I am here to remind you:
You are strong, you are resourceful, you have prevailed and you can figure things out!
Take care, my friend, you’ve got this!
Do not forget: no matter how hard it gets, hold on to hope that things can, and do, CHANGE.
For the better!

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