This birthday I woke up expecting a busy day on the phone, but as the day went on, nobody called.

A few times I checked to see if the phone was even on…

It’s kind of sad and made me feel like a loser, but it did make me wonder:

What’s going on? How did I lose touch with so many people without even realising it?!

Not pointing the finger here – we all have so much that is going on, but it just goes to show:

If you don’t put in the effort, they’re gone.

But really, is it any wonder?

If you want your career to shoot up, or your business to grow, that requires consistent effort.

And if getting good at tennis or golf takes practice and lots of it, then why not apply the same to key relationships with people in your life?

I’ve been trying to show up with my friends ever since, make sure to call and catch up even when there’s a lot going on, and you know what?

It’s paying off – we’re the closest we’ve ever been, and it feels good to know there’s always someone who’s got your back…

Because you know how life is, things get out of control and you need someone in your corner looking out for you!

I put it in rhyme for you:

Every person you bond with is your ally for life,
But to keep the spark going we must keep it alive,
It’s a skill that you practice when you listen and care,
Or you risk losing touch – so it’s vital to share,
What is honest and true, show your passion, direct,
When you give full attention, you bring trust and respect,
To accept or embrace: the lines have been blurred,
For if you cannot listen, you will never be heard,
If you can, find one reason – why should you stay in touch?
Since we all get so busy and the past won’t mean much,
Above all, we want kindness to be seen as we are,
To be loved, to be cherished, to shine bright, like a star,
Because no one is perfect and we all want a chance,
To keep hold of each other, in this beautiful dance
Of life, because no one should go through life alone…
So light your spark today!

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