Do you ever feel that what’s going on right now is just too much to deal with?

And no matter how hard you try, things just don’t seem to change…

And there is no end to it so that sometimes it feels as if nothing is up to you, so you might as well not even try.

It’s tough, my friend.

We wish life was easy, but it keeps throwing up curveballs when you least expect it…

So what do you do?

Wait for things to change? We know that won’t happen – rarely does so, if ever…No, we must ACT NOW, to take back control: not of the world because it’s messy and complicated, not of other people because we know they don’t change, but of what is within our reach:

Thoughts, feelings, what you do every day, the ideas you take on, how you think of yourself…

This is putting YOU first, to make you feel in charge again, to feel like you belong, writing your story the way it is meant to be!

It’s a very creative and fulfilling process – and the subject of this week’s show on The Happy YOU!

Come on closer, my friend, get in here, get yourself comfortable and tune in to make more room in your life for the things you want:

P.S. There is a poem to go with it – and a video of yours truly reading it:

Life is full of surprises and they all seem so strange,
There is so much to do and it’s hard to make change,
You may feel lost and helpless – it’s no good for the soul,
This is when it is crucial to take back your control,
Take what’s rightfully yours – feelings, thoughts, what you do every day,
And you make them work for you to keep you well away
From worry and direct them towards hope
That things can and do change

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