It can be hard to make sense of what is going around you:
Especially now, in this crazy world of today when you can’t make your plans, and the everyday normal has been turned inside out.
Every time you are forced to change (and this might be TODAY), we must figure things out again to find the best way forward.
Adaptation: the ONLY way to not only survive, but thrive so that you experience the fullness and joy of life despite the struggles you might be facing right now.
Easier said than done because when you find yourself in a complex, high stake situation, it’s not easy to make a decision you’re happy with…
This is what clarity gives us – a true perspective that is free from doubt, confusion and overwhelm.

I look on life and I see the mistakes I made. Not proud of those, but…. I also see the undeniable likeness in good decisions I made, and choices that I look back on with calm and gratitude!In hindsight, it is simple. Isn’t it always?!

Truly, it comes to narrowing down the focus to what truly matters THE MOST:

And you can it in two steps – and I take you through them in this week’s episode of the Happy YOU podcast.

This will help you find clarity so you can make decisions you won’t regret:

​Two minute rendition of today’s “To Find Clarity” poem for you:

If you are looking for a pick me up, check out my brand new book on thriving in times of uncertainty: