What’s worse than uncertainty?
It’s the opposite – let me explain what I mean by that:
When I found that my cancer came back, it was in my abdominal, in the lymph nodes.
It became clear, with great certainty, that unless we do something about it, and soon, that I’m going to die.
From that point on, I was in hospital, with a drip in my vein.
And I have my medical team and a bit of luck to thank for it, and I am forever grateful…
Because that CERTAINTY followed me like a shadow.
It’s often better to live with possibilities (such as they might be) that you can plan for, rather than having you be forced by desperate circumstances and fate.
So how do you plan to tackle uncertainty?
That, my friend, is the subject of this week’s  discussion on The Happy YOU:

​One minute rendition of today’s “Away from Uncertainty” poem for you:


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