At school I always felt out of place.
Not on purpose, but like I kept missing some vital detail that would’ve made it all make sense…
I wanted to fit in, but never did anything about it, so I drifted along, feeling awkward and out of place.
It was a struggle – I blamed the school, my classmates, the situation, but truth is, I was looking in the wrong place for answers.
This sense of belonging, of feeling like you fit in and that you are enough has virtually NOTHING to do with the world around you.
Because belonging is a feeling that comes from inside, and you can generate yourself without relying on what’s going on around you.
You don’t need to rely on others to do the right thing, but you can rely on yourself to do what’s right for YOU.
It’s true – you belong when do things with purpose.
Your purpose is a choice about what you want to make true in the world.
It’s the decision to follow your path, to do what’s fun, exciting or meaningful for you, no one else.
Are you going to be judged?
Absolutely – people see what they want to see, so you might as well do what’s right for you if you’re going to be judged regardless.
But how do you go about finding your sense of purpose?
It’s like finding a show you like – it has to feel right in first and…
Make you want to watch it non stop!!
Just have to find what’s right for you – for more check out this week’s show:


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