Growing up, I have only been told off once, and that was for something I haven’t done.
This is what I remember:
I was in the lounge room playing with all my toys – the monkey, the toy soldiers and the big bear.
We were talking when my grandma said to me sternly: “There will be none of that language in our house, please.”
She was very upset, and I didn’t know why.
There must be bad words I shouldn’t use?!
This was new – and I learned plenty of those in my time, but in that moment, I was scared, helpless and lost.
I was petrified at disappointing my grandma and there was no way to fix it, to make things right.
This fear of disappointing others or worse still, yourself – this can do some serious damage.
Not only to our self-esteem, but also to the vision we have for ourselves and what is possible.
But how do you go about helping yourself through it?
Here are my thoughts on the topic to set aside the guilt and blame that can often come with disappointment:



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