Do you know that feeling when you’re trying something new, and you ask yourself – am I ready?
Like, REALLY ready?!?
You’re not quite sure of yourself because you have not done it in ages (or ever), so there’s always some room for doubt…
It is then that you KNOW you’re ready!!
Because wanting something, having a dream, an ambition to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life – that is the ultimate qualifier.
Like being single – I so wanted to give love, and be loved in return…
I just wanted the one, that one person who really gets me, and loves me for who I am.
But I had to go and get it!
This was the part that scared me – being rejected for who I am, and who I want to be moving forward.
But without dating, and all the joys and tribulations that go with it, you don’t get to find out what’s right for you and how to go about getting it.
And starting somewhere is key.
This challenge that you set out for yourself may not always be easy, but it’s well worth it:
It takes your mind away from worry and things you can’t control, in a place where you move forward in life with purpose.
But how do you choose something that’s right for YOU?
And where do you begin?
This is the topic of this week’s show!
It’s what we go dive into on The Happy YOU:



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