From friends, family, and in your work?
It sucks when you’re not appreciated:
You put all this enormous effort, and it’s all for nothing…
Only to feel invisible, worthless, and small…
And you don’t need much – a smile, a simple thank you, a hug…
Really, is that too much to ask?!
You can’t help but wonder:
Why, what have I done to deserve this?
Can’t they SEE what I’m doing, and that I’m doing it for THEM?
I had a friend once who was ready to walk away from his marriage.
Every time we talked, he said – we always argue, and she never listens, it’s like we are strangers, so what am I to do?
So we came up with plans, but it was always back to the same things that set my friend off…
And he never seemed to try new things to see if it would help.
So one day I just decided I’d listen and not give any advice and this funny thing happened:
He said it was the best conversation he’s had in ages!
Even though he asked me for advice, shat he really wanted was to be HEARD.
Weird how it works sometimes – what someone really wants isn’t always in line with what you are doing!
I call it the Value Intersection and how you get on the same page.
It’s what I dive into this week on The Happy YOU:


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