Don’t you just hate it sometimes when you look at that clock and think – JUST WHERE DID THE DAY GO?!?
There is so much to be done, and it feels like a waste!
And yes, sometimes it happens because you lose track of time, or get dragged into meetings, or sorting out problems that came out of nowhere…
But often times, what we are told about being productive is misguided, or WRONG.
Take the notion of “go with your strengths”:
On the surface, it seems like a good idea – do what you good at, and it will you further…
And yet, it presumes that you are already good in exactly what it is that you want to succeed in!
And is that true?!
Not for me – I am absolute king at taking things easy, going off on tangents, coming up with ideas and never getting them done…
These are not STRENGTHS – for many of us, they are the default we stick with.
In fact, they might even be taking you FURTHER OUT from where you want to be anyway.
So I say – BUILD YOUR STRENGTHS, and you will go where you want to go!
Build instead of hoping that where you arrived at (by chance) is enough.
I’m busting more myths on productivity and how to make more impact with what you do on this week’s episode of The Happy YOU:


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