There is nothing you could ever regret more than the things that you do in anger.
It’s the one feeling you can’t control – it comes on, unasked, and takes over.
And when you look back on it, you can’t help but think – was this really ME?!
Was it I who said, or done, or even considered those stupid, useless things?!!?
And if I have, I don’t want to do it AGAIN!!
But the first thing you want to do is – how do I stop feeling angry?
That is tough to pull off because the emotion is just strong, unless…
You REPLACE anger with a more hopeful, uplifting emotion.
And what’s the opposite of anger?
To me this, above all else, is GRATITUDE.
It brings back the good times, it puts a smile on your face, it forces you to look at the world in a different light!!
You get this tingle in your body – or is it just me?!!?
Gratitude can do a world of good – but how do you bring it on when you need to?
The best way I find is to IMMEDIATELY think or acknowledge someone you care about in your life:
Whether they’ve done something for you that means a lot, or you appreciate having them in your life, it all counts!!
If you can tell them in person or over the phone, that is awesome!
Not only because you get those good vibes rushing in, but you’ll be making them feel great too.
Because how often does someone tell you they really appreciate having you in their life?
For most of us, it’s a treat that you don’t get often enough!
And if you can’t do it in person, send them a text, or email.
It will help you switch from anger and into gratitude IN NO TIME AT ALL!!
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