For the longest time, I thought confidence is this unshakable belief in yourself, and nothing can throw you off…
But it never felt REAL, like something I could achieve.
Because it’s pressure, to be a certain way, and it’s never enough because there’s always something that goes off!
Instead of being perfect, I choose to be myself, to be real and acknowledge that life isn’t always easy, and you can figure it out!!
You already have been through enough, and you deserve MORE.
Because you give your best, when you can, and that’s what matters!!
So confidence then is not being afraid of all the things that could go wrong.
Despite the worry, and the doubt, we still take that first step towards being more happy, more fulfilled in day to day life.
And building that confidence up is a process and I believe you need three key ingredients to do just that – comfort, ambition and application.
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