You often hear about folks going through a difficult time, and they don’t seek help or support until it gets out of hand.
Now this may even have happened to you…
And it’s good to know why that happens so you might be able to do what’s right for you next time.
If that happens – and I sure hope that it doesn’t, but life is strange and unpredictable, and we often learn it the hard way.
Now one reason you know about is that of course you don’t want to be a burden and make life even more difficult for those who you care about the most…
But that not the entire story and I believe there is a bigger reason:
It’s that it never occurred to you to seek help in the first place.
Because this is LIFE, it’s supposed to be hard!!
And when we struggle to make sense or even acknowledge our own struggle, then how would you ever consider getting the help that you need from others?
And having someone listen and be there for you can make all the difference in the world.
Because no one, not me and not you, should ever go through the struggle alone!
So this week let’s get it out, in the open so you can get your friends and your family and your workmates to get behind you in a difficult time:

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