Have you ever felt weird about wanting to make friends, and didn’t know how to go about it, or bring it up in a conversation?
Maybe you moved to a new town, or life’s taken a turn…
And now you’re on your own, and you want to meet people who get you and like you for who you really are.
There is not one thing that could be wrong about that, is there?
And yet, it can be so awkward to open up about it, to yourself and with people around you…
So why is it easier to talk about death in the family or being cheated on than saying you want to make friends?!
It’s the pressure – the expectation that this part of your life (making friends) is supposed to take care of itself.
And if it hasn’t, then that must be a failure on your behalf, and if it is your fault, then deal with it.
But why is it ok to go look for jobs when you’ve been let go from your company, but not to seek out the very people with whom you can share in the highs and the lows of life, to be there for each other and have fun along the way?!
It’s hard when no one hands you the manual on how you can go about it – but I want to see it change!
How to make new friends is what we are talking about on the Happy YOU:


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