It’s the rush you get when your dream come alive, and you can see it so clearly, even before it happens.
You’ve been waiting for it so long, and you worked hard for it…
So of course it’s the big break you’ve been waiting for all time – and no doubt you deserve it!
And all the signs are pointing in the right direction so it’s no wonder you’re excited and you’re making plans for how you’re going to enjoy whatever comes next.
But the only trouble is, it hasn’t happened…
Not yet.
So you’re waiting, and waiting, and it’s ok at first – because good things take time – but then, it starts to get to you…
You start to question everything, and what you’ve done, and where those signs were really pointing…
And it’s so hard to admit that to yourself, isn’t it?
Or at least, for me – my biiiig project with a biiiiig pharma has been on my mind for the last six months.
We have gone through dozens of meetings, back and forth on the details, a verbal sign off, and…
I threw everything at it, all I had.
This would have helped them, it would have helped me share my book and my message in a big way and, most of all, helped those struggling with cancer.
And it was THIS CLOSE!!!
So frustrating…
Although this isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last.
Our life is littered with struggles and obstacles, with moments when it all had been going to plan only to slip away at the last second.
But it’s not what happens to you that matters, but how you respond to it.
What you do when you’re at your most vulnerable, when you feel nothing, when you fall.
What do you do then?!
I’ve been obsessing over it, and if you’re in that place right now, this latest episode of the podcast I’m dedicating to you!

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