So we go to the doctor today with Max, and what he say?
You must watch out because it could be…
Just like that, with a word, you are transported to our time with Michael.
The seizure.
The rush to the hospital.
The face of the paramedic rushing us in through the white doors.
The sedation.
I could go on…
We are so lucky because it was THIS close.
But you never forget that choking feeling you had on the inside:
The endless torture of waiting.
Being completely, utterly helpless.
To this doctor, it may be a word.
And maybe, he just wants to be sure.
Preemptive caution, constant vigilance and all that.
I get it, and I hope we can look back on this later as one more scare that has but gone away!
But in the meantime, you are left with just one thing…
[except waiting]
Doing what you can control and putting aside that which you can’t.
It sounds so basic, doesn’t it?

But often the basic part are the hardest.

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