When you don’t believe in yourself, believe in what you do. Believe in the work you put in because if your intentions are good, you’ve got the hope on your side. This hope may not seem like much… And you might not even see it as such – until later.
When Max was one, we’d be going around the house each night and he’d point up at the ceiling or the lamps saying: “Light! Light!” Then he’d start saying it during the day, but I couldn’t make sense of it – why would he say that? And then I it hit me – he can’t see it, but he knows where the light SHOULD be.
And so are we with hope and believing in what we aspire to be – it’s the light that is there for you even when you can’t see it. And so we keep showing up, even when things are falling apart, even when you can’t catch break, and no one cares or will give you their time of day… This is when real breakthroughs happen!

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