What makes you unique is the people you trust.

Because when you feel safe, understood, and accepted, that is when you’ve the freedom to dream, and explore, try things out.

You are being truly seen, just the way you’re supposed to.

But so often we have our uniqueness lie buried in doubt, and forgotten – but it’s never been gone!

It is waiting to be rediscovered.

And you found your uniqueness with others – with the people you trust, you believe in, and it’s not always easy to find them.

You might not have enough of them right at your side…

Because trusting is hard:

Hard when you been wronged, hard when you been misunderstood, but that doesn’t tell truth about life.

There are more good people in the world than we will ever know – with their uniqueness.

They, too, are craving to be heard, understood, loved, and cared for.

All of us, we deserve it!

Deserve to keep seeking, and find – you deserve it!

You deserve to have people you trust.

You deserve to have people who like you, respect you, believe:

In your truth, in your story, in the person you want to become.

It’s a calling – your personal tribe, it’s a calling!

They don’t come to you blindly – and we must seek them out, at the moment precisely when you’re feeling the vulnerable most.

It is something that I take away from my going through cancer:

The worst part of it wasn’t the pain, or nausea, even fear of dying…

It was feeling alone.

My close friends disappeared, and it made me so angry, and so miserable – why?

I kept asking, but one thing I came to was this:

I don’t ever want go through this again – I deserve to have people who care.

About me, who I am, how I’m doing.

And not when they feel like it, not when it’s convenient, but because it is right.

It’s when I made a promise:

I am going to make new friends, and they’re going to be people who care, and who will be around me when going gets tough.

It’s not easy to meet, open up, but the moment you give it a try gives you power!

Because you get to find those very people who get you – no need to placate, or to hide, or to minimise yourself, your truth, and your values.

You can be your true self, and to trust in the people who care.

Your personal tribe.

How do you go about it? What’s the way to approach it?

I go through it all with you in the podcast that we have today.

It’s called How To Build Your Personal Tribe: