The most memorable part of the journey is right where you begin – it is new, it is fresh, and you soak it all in, like a sponge.

That’s the way it has been with my journey to heal – when I came across Left Write Hook, a unique recovery program for survivors of child sexual abuse that brings together creative writing and boxing.

It’s the rush of emotion that is hitting me right in the face: there are people like me. There are people who face it, there are people who HEAL.

Meeting Donna, the founder of Left Write Hook, has changed the course of my life and has set me on new path toward healing, recovery, and freedom!

And when the opportunity came up to become a facilitator of the program,

Two years ago, I could not imagine speaking about what I have been though, and today, I am going to help others move forward themselves!!

Just how cool is that?! Funny how things come full circle…

So being part of the program, one of the things that I love is creating a personal portfolio of our experience of learning to be a trauma informed boxing coach.

What do I love? Podcasts! And so I got super excited about creating the interview DURING the learning process of doing Left Write Hook training.

As we all have the lived experience of going through it, the experience is personal, raw, immediate, NOW.

So I bring you the conversation with Daniel, and our shared experience of learning, surviving, and forging ahead: