Hello, my friend!

I hope that you’re having a phenomenal week, that you woke up refreshed, and you did a few things that had lifted you higher!

It’s important we celebrate moments of good times and fun and fulfillment because life isn’t always like that.

There are times when you’re feeling frustrated, things that don’t go your way, and you’re trying your best, and they don’t always see it…

The most frustrating thing is you reach for the things you can’t influence, change – it feels wrong, and it feels so frustrating – things that people do, say, forget, ignore, or give up on…

I really believe that frustration you feel has to do with the things that you cannot control:

How people see you, what they want, and you worry about events that you cannot predict, cannot choose, cannot change.

So in moving away from frustration, what we need is to come back to self:

What makes you feel creative, excited, alive?

Who brings you joy, a sense of connection, who is someone you trust, and connect with them deeply?

Back to self, and away from frustration!

And I’m here to support you, and help you connecting with JOY:


In this podcast, I’m sharing three simple ideas on how you can combat frustration with joy – joy in things that you love, things that matter.

I invite you to join me today: