Hello, my friend!

I hope you’re having a phenomenal week! I hope there were moments of deep and authentic connection – in sharing your true thoughts and feelings, and being there for others, to listen, and hold space, embrace.

And if you do not have the opportunity to spend time with the people you love, I am giving you a great big open hug! Hope you feel it, my friend, and I’m here.

Know this, please –  it’s a testament to your drive and energy that you put into staying in touch!

And it only gets harder and harder:

We’re all busy in running our lives, and we’re dealing with our own struggles, and those struggles are often unseen – they can be hard to put into words, even to yourself, let alone share it with others.

There’s one thing I’m grappling with now, and that is the weight of my own expectations.

When I make a video, and pour my heart into it, and then nobody watches, or comments, replies, to be honest, it kind of upsets me.

Yes, I know that it shouldn’t, so I say to myself:

I am trying, I’m doing my best and I’m sharing my truth and being hopeful, I am trying, I’m here!

What is something that leaves you frustrated?

You might not have someone at your side who’s supporting you, urging you on, and it is up to you to speak up with compassion to you, to your self, and to champion you, and your efforts!

It is what you deserve – what you put into practice, for your self, each day!

When you speak to yourself, please then speak to yourself as a friend, as a good friend who is there to offer a kind word, be supportive, encourage, and champion you, and your efforts!

Could you try it, and see it if it’s helpful?

It’s what I’m doing daily, and I would love to hear how it goes!

And if there’s something that you’ve been avoiding in your life, and you’re feeling a tiny bit guilty because you need to do this, I am here to help you – let’s try put aside.

Come and join me this week on the podcast, how to move past avoidance – five things that you can do right away: