We know all about markers for physical health – body mass index, heart rate, glucose levels, but what about mental health?

In a culture where mental health is now part of the conversation, we know very little about what we can actually measure on personal level in just such a way that you know that you’re winning.

As I look back at my personal history of grappling with mental health, it’s very clear:

The most impactful change has been befriending my body.

For thirty six years, we lived as if strangers – just sharing the same space, with no interaction, not even acknowledging each another.

And you know what? It sucks!

I saw the body suffer:

It grew tired, so tired from the long days, short nights, from the lack of nutrition and substance abuse.

As the body grew larger, no longer fit clothes, it was always too much – too much sunlight, and noise, loud voices and crowds,

And you know what’s worse?

It was never comfortable with being who it was. That’s what hurt me the most.

But the crux was in dealing with cancer:

Yes, the body got sick, and the process was painful, but the whole experience of recovery it has brought things to light, things that neither of us want to live with.

It’s the time we both knew, and agreed, it was final:

From now on, things would have to be different, and we’d both need to change.

We both started to work on our routines, what we did with our day, started moving, and jogging, even lifting some weights!

Then we started to rest in a way that was restful, and to eat in a way that’s nutritious, and to drink in a way that you don’t have lie about.

We respect each other.

Today, we are friends.

More, we’re partners!

It’s the journey we’re on, and yes, life will always be full of surprises, but we’re hoping to figure it out along the way.

And it feels – right.

Not to have all the answers, not wait, but keep going.

Are you with me?

Let us figure this out together!! Join this week on the podcast on the things we can do about stress: