We all want to be more resilient don’t we, but how? Let’s start with one definition of what resilience that you might not have come across earlier:
Resilience is accepting the inevitable challenges of life as situations that you can successfully cope with.
That’s right, my friend – it does not mean you must crush this challenge by the power of your indomitable will!!
Nor does it imply we put up with suffering daily.
It is believing you can cope with the challenges that you’re facing today.
It need not be perfect, or instant, but including this stress, struggle, awful experience in the categories of things you can heal from, and find your own way to move forward.
Here’s what COPE means to me:
Capable – you see yourself as capable of handling difficulty. How do you do that? By journaling about every day challenges of life – each morning, I write down what I have accomplished the previous day. And it’s always the little things that matter – listening to someone who needed it, working on my play and sharing my truth, getting the dinner ready, going for walk… It’s an opportunity to look at life and say: you know what? I am trying, I am giving my best, I can do this! You can, my friend, I believe in you, always 🙌
Open – it’s so vital in the midst of stress to not retreat into yourself, and instead stay open to new experiences, new people, new thoughts. It may go against what we naturally want to do, but it is when you are around new people, when you trying a new food or learning a new skill, it is then that you get to feel life in a profoundly different way, and that opens you up for dealing with struggle in a whole new way. So what can you do, my friend, to be around new people, what can you try that might be a little outside of your day to day, what can you tune into that will help you feel better? I hope it’s my resilience podcast this week for you!
Proud – be proud of who you are and where you’re going. You have lived with struggle and difficulty, even when no one gave you any credit for it, and yet… You stood your ground, you believed, you kept going! Well done, you! Feel that, take that on, it’s you who deserves to feel pride in living your truth.
Enough – so often in times of stress we are feeling a sense of lack that comes from comparing ourselves to other people. It can a tough losing battle to keep up with ideas about people that we create. Because you never know, do you – what is really going on in their life? What are they really struggling with? What truth are they withholding from others, and, most of all, from themselves? Instead, you want to proof to yourself , and only to yourself, that you are ENOUGH. Enough to feel good, enough to keep going, enough to be striving for more. How? By giving the best of yourself each day. Each day, decide – what’s the one thing I’m going to be great at today? And be it, live it, stay true to yourself! It need not be something grand, or something that you will get praise for – no, it’s for your eyes, and your feelings alone. You will have all the proof that you need that you are worthy, deserving, you are ENOUGH.
No matter the struggle you’re facing, please do not face it alone!
I’m here, right here, on this podcast so tune in and feel heard: