The person that helps you the most is person that you almost missed, or got through by chance.
Isn’t it true? It’s the circumstance brings you together.
How many times do we suffer in silence, and nobody knows how you suffer, the pain that you’re holding inside?
In working with trauma survivors, I noticed that the first barrier to asking for help isn’t even the asking, but rather it’s seeing the truth for yourself:
Here’s what I’m facing, and I don’t deserve to go through it alone.
Uncovering this truth for yourself is harsh and painstaking work of seeing yourself and the chaos around you, but oh is it worth it!
For every endeavor, for every dream, a hope that you harbor, for every struggle that’s walking beside you, please know:
We are never meant to go through it alone.
Despite the past hurts, despite today’s hardships, today you deserve to hear a kind word, to have someone listen, to know there’s someone who’s wishing you well, who believes you!
This might be your loved one, a friend, your therapist, a well meaning person with whom you crossed paths with by chance…
Right now, they are waiting, waiting to be there for you, on your terms!
Yes, that is the gift we can only be gifting ourselves – to find the way through to the place where you get that help, and that path ain’t easy:
So today, I am seeking to break down four reasons that we don’t get help, and how to break past them, to live life you truly deserve, in having support of ,the people around you, and find proof that you’re never alone: