Past holds the pain, and it often gets triggered by smallest of things:
Old photo, a song, throwaway comment, and then you find yourself small, stuck in the sorrow you don’t want to feel…
When the wave of past hurt, or upset, or regret, when it that it washing you over, there comes a decisive moment:
You either get dragged into the feeling, or – pull yourself away, away, and back to the moment you’re in, whatever is happening NOW.
I often say that the road to your peace of mind now lies through sorting things out:
When you separate things that you cannot control from the things that you can, you get much greater peace, calm, and focus.
I walk you through a simple exercise on how to put that in practice right here – what I call the Line of Control.
It can help you find freedom in chaos and redirect your energy towards people and tasks that will matter the most.
Imagine that there’s a line running from your forehead, dividing the world ahead of you in two equal halves.
Now, what are things that are frustrating you now, that lie outside of your influence and control?
It might be a careless comment that still hurts inside, a sense of injustice, a difficult memory tinged with regret.
Those moments that you cannot influence, change, or control – I want you to put them away to the side, and turn to the right:
What are the things that you can control, influence, change to a certain extent?
This might be the way you show up in your work, your care for a child or best friend, or keeping you healthy.
What is it for you? What moments inspire you, what is it you do that bringing you joy, and excitement, and making you feel good?
For these are the moments that matter, the things you take charge of, take part in, and bringing to life!
By bringing your focus on things you control, that matter most now, you bring yourself into this moment, right now, in today.
It’s not that the past is erased, or forgotten, it’s not that the struggles you’re facing today disappear, but rather we move them away, out of view, to the place they’re no longer controlling your life.
Did you find it helpful? If so, this can be the tool that you turn to when worry takes over, and it gets too much.
I’m here for you, I believe in you, in us, in our ability to figure things out!
You deserve the best, my friend, not tomorrow: TODAY
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