There are two sides of the human condition, and we’re facing them daily – it’s the misery of hurt and delight of the present, it’s the joy, and the feeling alive.
But the trouble of living with trauma is more often than not, we are not getting either – we’re stuck in between.
How’s that better than misery?
Feeling hurt is a negative feeling, but at least you can feel:
It’s a heavy burden, but it brings about facing your truth, and forces a change because change never comes on its own.
Change can only be opened when we have nowhere to go – it’s the only way forward.
But worse is the place of being stuck in between:
It is hard to absorb what is happening, to take in magnitude of what you’re living, and feelfeel fully…
It’s hard because feeling fully means not only feeling the goodness, but also it’s feeling the hurt.
It’s why healing is path towards moving past the unfeeling and letting the hurts take their place in the past.
It’s no easy task, but a journey, a journey where these things are true:
  1. You are not alone in this journey, but one of us, millions who are trying and stumbling and falling but only to get up, keep going, and keep feeling closer to self, to the freedom of less guilt, and less shame, and less hurting, the freedom of being your true self
  2. That healing isn’t for other people, but healing’s for you! It is a real possibility of a life filled with goodness, where hurt is confined to the memory, and not overpowering or dulling your senses each day. This is the hope of letting things go, slowly but surely, hope of the progress, of freedom and choice, every day
  3. No matter what anyone tells you, or what your experience been like before, you are stronger than you think and more resilient than anyone’s given you credit for. You will surprise yourself with your confidence, your capabilities, your desire to live, and be happy! Stay on this path, keep showing up to the therapy, keep seeking connections with people who get you, keep listening to the positive, hopeful, encouraging voices in your life! You are more capable of so much more than you think.
I am here for you, friend. Stay strong, and remember: you’re never alone!
You deserve to feel calmer, deserve to feel cherished, deserve to have fun and enjoy little moments of beauty of living each day.
Hope you join me this week on the podcast as we talk about how to move away from the mere existence, and to live the life fully, with your passion, and feeling alive: