Inside every mistake, there are opposite forces – one that pulls you towards something, one that’s pushing away.
Which one is right? Are you heading towards it, are you moving away?
Therein, the choice:
Depending on the situation, you might need to pull forward, or push away, and it is when we don’t tend to the true instinct of which one is right is when we make a mistake.
This might be choice about the situation that you find yourself in:
For me, this was in my first long term relationship when I found my then partner was cheating on me.
I knew it was wrong, but I was petrified of losing her and being alone for the rest of my life…
It’s why I stayed with her even though deeply I knew it was wrong.
Life proved it to me when she’s left me for someone else anyway.
It’s made me realise that life will inevitably make us face the same choice until we make the right one, or have no alternative but facing the consequence.
So it’s the situation that’s making us choose, but it might also be an internal conundrum:
I have always felt broken, ashamed of what I experienced as a child, and yet I felt this deep, profound yearning to heal, to let go, and I didn’t know how, but that wasn’t the problem:
What has pulled me away from the seeking a some place to heal was the fear voice – you are broken, you’re done, it is beyond repair.
It has kept me from healing, it has kept this part of me locked away, and it was confronting the possibility of healing in a fellow human that changed me.
It’s been the catalyst to step forward, and give into the pull towards feeling more whole, and together.
This is why having a friend, a partner, a mentor who gets you is vital – they support you in seeing the possibility of something greater, a new hope, a change that you can start dreaming about.
The ultimate goal of any choice that you make is steering away from the feeling of failure that so often haunts us when you have been touched by trauma.
This is why I recorded the whole podcast on just this – how to heal from mistakes with compassion and kindness to self!
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