Greatest gift that you can be giving yourself is seeing your self as you are – the wounds, imperfections, the questions and doubts…
Because when you see your true face, your true colors, not as you want to be held in the mind of another, but in life that you own, you will find greater beauty than any could ever imagine.
I have a dream of a global community that is founded on healing together.
It’s a bold vision, and as it’s taking shape in my mind after my own experience of being on a healing journey, and having the people around to hold and to guide me, I want this to be a reality that all of us share, those who are touched by trauma, and know we want more.
And every day now, I do this ritual where I perform my ten minute play about the choice that I am facing each day.
There is a different choice that I speak to all of the time, and this morning, it started with fear:
To live through it, or to hide it away.
In my mind’s eye, I found myself performing this piece in front of my closest people including my grandfather who was like a father to me.
And it came as a solemn moment, as they witnessed my rebirth, and I found myself sobbing, on my knees, and I felt their charge, to carry this vision, forward:
Not because I am strong, or gifted, but because it is the only way.
If you, friend, find yourself needing an inspiration to move forward, please know:
You have all the answers already within you, and it’s all about finding the questions you need to unlock, find a spring that will propel you forward, on your terms!
Even in the midst of struggle, of strife, of feeling miserable and alone we find courage to bring it together – I share some thoughts on how this week, on the podcast: