Growing up, I saw that anger was bad.
Angry people lashed out, they hurt others, they weren’t happy themselves.
So I never got angry, and I kept it inside of myself, and there it kept boiling, and boiling away…
But it never came out, and it stayed inside, eating away at me, making me anxious, and wound up.
Looking back on it, every time that I could not breathe, every time I felt like my insides could burst from the tension, it’s been anger:
Anger stayed there, and could not get out.
When I am feeling angry today, I know what helps me release it, in a way that feels healthy.
What is your relationship with anger, at this point of your life?
It’s a difficult balance between letting it simmer, and letting it burst in a way that is hurtful and wrong.
I invite you to the podcast this week to talk about you might be dealing with anger in a way that feels right to you: