Who are we – without trust? Just people with nothing in common.
But you build the trust, it’s out in the open – the groundwork for love, recognition, respect.
What’s more – you could not start healing without it.
If you can’t trust your therapist, a fellow survivor, then can you be open to the possibility of healing, of lasting and positive change?
It’s, as I say – TRUST IS A MUST.
But how do we build it – up?
We live in our language, and it’s no wonder we talk about ‘building’ trust…
Because it’s not easy.
Because we’ve all lied to, and hurt, and discouraged, and yet, we have no choice but living beyond the survival, and towards belonging.
Imagine what lies ahead, when you can trust, I mean fully trust people around you, the people you can rely on, the people who care…
What would life look like?
How much more happiness, wonder, and camaraderie you could share in if you can build mutual trust, understanding?
I don’t claim to have all the answers, but like you, I have been through wrongs and betrayals, and I found that building trust is tied into healing in three simple ways, and I want to take twenty minutes this week to explore how to build trust today: