Do you know what people think when they look at you? Isn’t it fascinating when you think about what kind of impact you make without even thinking about it…
There’s an immediate impression that people are getting, whether you want to or not.
I always wanted for people to like me, or maybe not like – accept who I am.
The more that I tried, the less I think happened, because there’s an edge, just something that isn’t authentic that people can feel.
I look on it now, it was valid – a way for me coping with feeling so lost, and so alien.
But now, every day I spend on my journey, the journey of trying to heal, and healing the parts that were hurt, or forgotten, I kind of stopped thinking:
Did I say that wrong?
Does this make me stupid?
No, today I am doing much more in it – the world, other people, I listen to them, I am in their presence because I am not worried.
I am who I am, and I earned that knowledge, and being far from perfect is now what feels normal.
You know what?
Yes, normal, because I no longer think trauma is weird.
Because I hold proof that we’re many, and that is a gift of us sharing our truth.
You do it your own way, and find your own how.
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