There’s a part in each of us that’s so fragile, so hurt by the past that we’re wanting to hide it, protect it – from what?
When I look back on the years of shame, pain, and the guilt that I carried of being raped as a child, the one thing I been scared of the most is admitting the truth to myself:
Yes, it did happen, and it’s part of who I am
Knowing this truth does not make me feel damaged, but places the past in the past, something that’s happened that does not direct my visions and feelings today.
This, and a ton of therapy!
But that’s owning your truth – no one could make to take off the burden, but you.
Part of my owning my truth has come through in sharing this story with others.
It’s helped to come up to terms with:
Seeing my friends and family take it onboard made me realise – no one is going to disown me, or push me away.
I didn’t know that, but still I taking that chance – for if someone cannot accept your suffering, do you want them this close in your life?
In sharing this story out loud made me realise:
I got so good at hiding those parts of myself that so needed a voice that nobody knew what I felt, thought, or wanted.
And isn’t that what we’re all desperately wanting – to be seen, heard, acknowledged for the person you are, deep, on the inside?
Silence is deafening because in silence, we are alone.
Breaking the silence, we are living the shared truth of our struggle, our sorrows, but also of our resilience, our ability to change, grow, and heal, to share the deepest of yearnings, and will to go on.
Finding our voice is also reminder:
Skills that built us are so often skills for survival, vital, but they only take us so far…
Today, we need new skills.
We need life skills that will help us thrive, feel more, reach further, dream, and keep growing!
This is why we want to go past the point of being stuck in survival and move on to thrive and live on: