What’s the biggest compliment anyone has ever given you?
Maybe it’s taken taken you by surprise, made you feel special?
My wife served me with the biggest compliment of my life when she said:
You are the bravest person I know.
It stirred something, deep down inside me, and it’s new because I never thought of myself as brave.
In fact, and this may sound weird, but I never thought of myself as anything, I simply got by.
You do enough to survive, to get through, keep out of their way.
Only the biggest turning points in life, the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows, can help us see ourselves in a different light:
As someone who lives, loves, and give it their best.
As someone deserving of true love, and happiness, joy!
And whether that shift in how you see yourself has come through the eyes of a loved one, a friend, workmate, or your very own, it can only takes life when you start believing it true.
When you make that choice, life changes because you are no longer waiting:
You act.
In the name of the happy and joyous, the life you deserve!
This choice might be out there, waiting for you to make it.
Let’s dive in this week to find what is most right for you: