I have an emerging medical situation re: possible cancer.
I’m hopeful, but – I’ve been down that road before.
My instant reaction is daze – the mind goes all soggy, it’s dragging me into the mist…
I just want to hide behind Netflix, the phone, stop thinking, let go of the wheel.
But then I catch myself – it’s a signal, a sign to be paying attention, to focus, switch on.
This time, I want to charge, keep hopeful, and lead.
It’s part of our lives – the triggers we know, those tiny reminders that call the best of ourselves to recognise:
I need help. I need to step out for a walk. I need to talk to someone. I need to be mindful. I need to take rest. I need to exercise. I need a holiday.
For so long, I’ve been so afraid of getting to know myself better.
Because who knows what is hiding in there?
But now, I do trust myself, more.
To be my own friend.
Are you being a friend – to you?
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