Like many, I first learned about trauma from Besser van der Kolk’s “The Body Keeps the Score” book.

I was driving from work, and listening to the first chapter where Bessel gets a gift from the army vets as if to say: now you’re one of us.

As I listen, the tears swell up, and I’m sobbing.

And I can’t stop because inside, a new understanding is born: now I am one of us, those who know what it is like to suffer.

But the gift of this book, of course, isn’t the trauma, but belief you can heal.

This belief is instilled in me through many chapters, and stories, and the therapies I never heard…

One of those – neurofeedback.

It’s a fascinating approach that brings together technology, neuroscience, and the understanding of human experience.

Today, I am talking to Moshe Perl, a true expert in neurofeedback about how it works, and why it can be so effective in healing from trauma: