The most difficult, painful moments that have impact on our lives have this one thing in common:

The mind wants to drift further away from the memory, from the event, so as not to even recall it.

We can’t bear to think, feel – it is stuck in our body, some place in between.

Neither here nor there.

It’s how I think of the most challenging times in my life when the impact of past and the struggle was strongest…

I felt stuck in between of the past, present, future, I could not dare move, decide, or make change.

The goal is to find meaningful activities that brings us into the moment, that swoop in to take hold of our hearts, and our minds, our bodies, that are calling us strongly:

To act, to keep going, today.

But then how do you do that?

In this podcast today, I want to share what I am learning and how that might help you – we talk through the journey of healing so you can feel progress, to feel good about you, where you’ve been, and where are you going from here: