One barrier that prevents us from doing therapy is we don’t have the language we need to be talking of trauma.

It’s why a body based approach is so vital – reconnect with our senses, and feel.

Yoga helps us connect with our bodies, but there are deeper needs that us trauma survivors can often require – a more gentle pathway without focus on form, or on doing things right.

Here is where trauma sensitive yoga comes in – and this conversation with Clare Pritchard has transformed the way that I think about yoga.

In this conversation on trauma informed yoga, trauma yoga teacher Clare we talk about what separates trauma sensitive yoga from the more traditional modalities, why it’s important, and whether it’s right for you.

Clare is not only as a skilled teacher and caring practitioner, but a compassionate voice for trauma survivors, and urge thay we have to heal.

Join us for this vital conversation on trauma sensitive yoga:


Trauma Sensitive Yoga

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