This morning, as I am jogging through bush, I’m feeling my muscles grow tense.

The breathing is shallow, arms flail around useless, like sticks…

I know that I’m tired, and I want to stop, keep walking instead, you know, take it easy.

And hey, what’s the harm? It’s almost 5km, and no one can see me.

And yet, I remember:


I am a survivor.

I suffered, I held back, I failed, and almost gave up.

But I will no more. Not even today!

It’s my choice:

To make my identity matter.

It’s shaping the person I am – not a victim, but striver who does not give up.

Despite everything, I am here.

Despite everything, I give and I care.

Despite everything, I am a beautiful human being.

And I have earned the right to not give a crap about haters, and doubters, and lies.

You are who you are.

We’re in this together, and the identity we choose to take on with trauma it can be a crutch, or a blocker, but also RELEASE.

Release from pressure, the past, expectations.

Today, what matters: today.

The person who’s helped me to see it is part of my life, and now I have the honor to speak to her about healing, identity, being a survivor, and finding your way.

Donna is taking the pain that she’s been through, and lessons she learned to create a one of a kind program called Left > Write >> Hook that helps survivors of child sexual abuse to heal, and move forward.

Join Donna Lyon and myself for this vital conversation today:


Left Write Hook