I feel the reason that we don’t talk about our pain and internal strife is we believe that we’re broken.

We don’t believe we can heal.

Whether it’s breakup, or grief, or abuse, it’s hard to imagine that things could be changed.

For me, it’s going through rape as a child.

I lived in denial of how it’s been messing me up, and thought I’d be making things worse if truth had somehow came out.

And I felt alone, that nobody gets it, that shame and the hurt I am destined to carry, forever, until…

The one conversation with a survivor – it’s changed me, forever, because I held proof that I am not alone!

This human that’s holding my hand has been through it, and they’re still alive, and they do not hide, and use their pain to help others…

This is what struck me – the hope.

The possibility of healing, of letting go of the hurt, of letting it live, and move on.

I might not ever be perfect, but I don’t have to hide, run, pretend…

No, you are who you are, and we’re in this, together.

We know there’s the struggle, the struggle is real, but it’s why we connect, it’s why we’re here, together.

Because of the possibility – to let go, and to move towards healing.

It is what you deserve:

To heal, to live with the possibility of change, of sharing your story, of getting support that you need to figure things out, but on your terms.

It’s what we talk about this week – let go of the past, to feel more free, and move forward: